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  • 1 hour
  • 250 US dollars
  • TBD

Service Description

We provide consulting and training services for organizations to obtain an analytical overview of the dynamics of conflict and conflict management styles, strategies and tactics. While employed at the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice, Synaya R. Jones conducted an exploratory study analyzing face-saving, power control and verbal aggressiveness and the correlation of these during episodes of interpersonal conflict in the workplace as part of her thesis at Columbia College. This research determined that there is a significant relationship between these elements which ultimately determines an individual’s conflict management, conflict style and/or conflict tactic. This research was relevant inasmuch as conflict is commonplace in the criminal justice arena. A situation which can begin as a simple request can immediately result in a power struggle when that request is ignored thereby causing situations to escalate as authority is devalued and a power struggle ensues to maintain and/or regain authority. As Consultant, Peaceful Solutions, LLC will analyze and evaluate the organization and its’ culture to determine how the dynamics of conflict are displayed, managed and maintained during episodes of conflict disputes. Ms. Jones will conduct interviews, review agency practices and assist with implementing proactive ways to defeat conflict episodes. The overview and evaluation process will be conducted in four stages: Stage One - An initial consultation and observation of individuals comprising the various aspects of the organization. Stage Two- An initial training session utilizing the P.E.A.C.E. conflict resolution training model to determine conflict management styles, strategies and tactics. Stage Three - An assessment of training feedback and surveys are conducted. A training-in-action model is introduced as well as focus groups are utilized at the conclusion of the agency training and evaluation. Stage Four - A final consultation is conducted with management and additional follow-up if necessary.

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