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"Conflict….we cannot deal with it…yet, we cannot live without it!"

We focus on putting ease amid conflicting entities by encouraging individuals with empowering one another. Empowerment is the pathway to peace and reconciliation. Without reconciliation, there is no peaceful resolve.  At Peaceful Solutions, LLC, we ensure that individuals are treated with dignity and respect and we strive to remove the elements of power which threaten the pathway to reconciliation and prevent restoration of fractured relationships. Peacebuilding is paramount and essential to reconciliation…and peace cannot be attained without patience, empathy, amicability, compassion and empowerment. 

Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an alternative to litigation to resolve disputes. Examples of disputes which can be mediated at Peaceful Solutions, LLC include family court mediation such as simple divorce, child visitation and/or child custody; civil mediation such as landlord tenant, car and/or home repairs, and breach of contract disputes; workplace mediation such as employer-employee or employee-employee disputes; and community mediation such as neighbor disputes, pet and/or noise nuisance, etc. 

The litigation process is inundated with overdue court cases which may not be able to be resolved in a timely manner. Mediation at Peaceful Solutions, LLC can assist you with resolving your disputes in a timely manner since we can mediate your case at your convenience via zoom and/or in person at your convenience. Our mediation rates are affordable and competitive with most non-profit organizations offering low cost mediation rates and/or with attorney and judges offering substantially higher mediation rates.  At Peaceful Solutions, LLC, a nonrefundable deposit is required and mediation rates are split between both parties with the remaining fees being due at the conclusion of the mediation session.  Although the deposit is nonrefundable, it is reserved and used toward the first hour of mediation. Please note that mediation fees may be paid solely by one party as agreed upon by the parties seeking to resolve their disputes via mediation services.


Peaceful Solutions, LLC can assist individuals with empowerment to resolving conflict peacefully and helping individuals with maintaining dignity personally, professionally, and financially. Peaceful Solutions, LLC can also assist with improving relationships among individuals and increasing communication and cooperation among individuals.  

The mediation process involves a structured conversation which is facilitated by a neutral individual (mediator) to assist disputing parties with establishing common ground and generating alternatives to reaching a voluntary agreement and resolving their issues. Mediation differs from litigation in that there is not a judge or a jury. The individuals control the mediation process and have the decision-making authority.  Mediation requires individuals to remain open and involves a good faith effort among disputing parties to reach a voluntary agreement and parties are encouraged to trust the process!

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